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Class Descriptions & Pricing

Traditional Boxing


  •    Unlimited Month Of All Classes $125 

  •    10 Class Pass ( 6 month period ) $125

  •    Day Pass $20

Our Traditional boxing class has something

for everyone.

We created this class to appeal to people looking

for a great workout while still learning the proper art

and skill of boxing . These classes combine fitness

and skill in a motivating enviroment that is both sutible

for the beginner and experienced boxer.

The classes are an intense 45 mins long.

Each week we have a particular theme we work on ,

be it power punching , inside fighting ,

slipping and rolling etc.

This is a great starting place to learn skill

and build on current skill.


Boxing Conditioning

This class is bag and mitt work 

Although your technique will be corrected during

mitt work with your coach the main focus is on


This is a great add on class as it lets you work freely

on the drills and techniques you have been studying

during the traditional boxing class  or as a stand

alone class for students looking to utilize boxing purely

for fitness.

This class finishes up with a Great Ab workout!

This class is 45 mins long


Intro To Boxing

This class is for beginners to boxing and/or for those wishing to brush up on their fundamentals. Class involves Ice breaking and goal setting. Get to know more about boxing ( stance , balance , punches , mind setting etc)

In a relaxed , warm and welcoming environment. We strongly recommend taking this class first.


Ontos Combatants

Combative Training

( Boxing Empowerment & Anger Management)
Class is held Every Saturday at 11am
i also do private sessions
I use boxing to help manage anger and other underlying roots as well as utilizing affirmations and meditation
please contact Rebecca Hoffman 405 532 3204 to make an appointment
Pricing :$10/class
or $50/PrivateSession

An easily learned & retained , actionable , reality based system of close combat for an uncontrolled environment.

Learn from a U.S Marine Corps Close Combat Instructor

(No Longer On Active Duty)

& Former Close Protection Specialist .