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New Class Tomorrow !B.E.E.M (Boxing Empowerment And Emotional Management) Starts Group Sunday at 4pm

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

B.E.E.M Is included in your active pricing plan (unlimited boxing , 10 day pass etc) , if you dont have an active plan its $15/group session or $50 for 5 sessions.

Boxing Empowerment And Emotional Management (B.E.E.M) is a facilitator-led experiential group. In this group, clients are allowed the opportunity to practice expressing anger in a healthy manner. It offers an opportunity for the facilitator to observe where clients have stored/suppressed emotions in their bodies. Clients learn to identify where they are emotionally “congested” and how to emotionally counterbalance. It is a very physical exercise that enables the “rager” to connect to sadness and vulnerability, and conversely, for the depressed client to tap into the healing energy of healthy anger. This is a VERY powerful group process where clients actually “practice” active release of untapped emotions rather than merely discussing “anger management

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