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Summertime Slugfest

Terrance “TJ” Jones, the Big Game Hunter, will be returning to the ring for the first time in three years on Saturday, August 19 at the Logan County Fairgrounds in Guthrie. At 53 years old, Jones was forced into retirement by the COVID-19 pandemic, but has decided to return for one more year of competition before hanging up his gloves for good.

As a former top ranked super WBB middleweight boxer, Jones has racked up fourteen knockouts, and also boasts a 15-0 record as a Muay Thai fighter.

He’ll be taking on the younger Steven Crowfield as a warm-up to a fight in Thailand later this year. Jones, who trains at the Western Avenue boxing Gym in Oklahoma City, has resided in thirteen different countries in his combat sports career. Though his opponent has the advantage of youth, Jones is confident that his intense training and time-tested fight strategy will give him the edge later this month.

“I'm what they call an attrition-type fighter,” Jones said. “I rely on my conditioning and seek to wear my opponents down before stopping them. Steven is a young man that I have both trained and trained with in the past. I'm expecting him to be overconfident knowing that I’m coming off a three year layoff. It should be a good fight for as long as it goes–I'm looking to stop him.”

Despite Jones’s long, successful career, Oklahoma City remains his home base.

“Me and (owner)Travis Hoffman go waaaaay back, we have been friends for over fifteen years and are both in recovery,” Jones said. “Western Ave Boxing Gym is my gym, it has been since its inception. I've lived, literally, all around the world but this is home. I'm looking to show my fans/people that age is nothing but a number and never put a limit on what you can accomplish no matter what life throws your way. We do recover and the human spirit is Indomitable.

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